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Improve Tracking And Drift 

  • Use well lighted rooms with many visual features. This means white empty walls doesn't work well. 

  • Apply duck-tape markings or foil prints to the walls and floor.

  • Clean all cameras in the Quest regularly with a glasses cleaning cloth.

  • Manually set the correct tracking frequency for you lights for more stability. Explained in the Quest App Explainer Video. 

  • Clear the room data in the Quest settings and then make a new Boundary. The Boundary is import even though it is switched off later on.


Improve Network Lags

  • Use a dedicated 6 or 6e GHz router (with a connection to the internet) to avoid lags when many other Wifi networks are near you. Use a 2.4. Ghz router (or router setting) if few other Wifi networks are around.

  • The router should be positioned in the middle of the play area at best.

  • Avoid external firewalls for Windows (like Mc Afee). Those can block the Operator App.


  • Use tape or stickers to mark the two anchor points to make sure you'll not forget their positions and order.

Video capturing 

  • Do not disable the Guardian by hand, this will course problems with video capturing - Laser Limbo will disable the Guardian for you automatically.

  • Use the camera stabilization feature (medium)

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